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Microblading Amsterdam

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Eyebrow artist Microblading Amsterdam

Gam Salen, founder of Ink Eyebrows  offers clients the best semi-permanent make-up. microblading, shading and tattoo / pigment laser removal and correction are the specialties, ensuring high quality and customer satisfaction.

Appointment ( step by step )

  • Intake / Explaining the treatment
  • Mapping the brows / Form shaping
  • Choosing the color
  • Microblading technique
  • Cleaning the brows
  • Providing aftercare instruction
  • Planning the touch up visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Semi-Permanent make-up technique is a type of tattooing in different methods such as Microblading or Ombre eyebrows.

During pregnancy there is an increased risk of infection when using Semi-Permanent make-up. The body goes through a change and the blood flow is stronger, which means that healing can take longer. It is strongly not advised for a pregnant woman to get semi-permanent make up.

When you book a microblading treatment for the first time, the full session lasts approximately 2 hours. During the treatment, the eyebrow technician will shape and style the client’s eyebrows with the client’s approval. We then follow with pigment color selection. Once the customer is satisfied with the choices, we begin the Microblading process

Not everyone will get satisfactory results, so Microblading is not for everyone.
People of brown and darker skin (5 and 6) don’t always pack well and fade more quickly. dark skin tones have the most oily skin
Ombre brows are the solution for everyone and suitable for all skin types and skin colors.