MICROBLADING Microblading is 1 by 1 stroke gives the most natural look Microblading is a very delicate technique done by a certified artist implanting pigment on the top layer of the skin. Always remember that microblading is not a substitute for make up. Te idea of this look is for you to save time drawing your eyebrows everyday in the morning. For some people wonder if the color will change and turn into green or blue? The answer will be no, when microblading is done properly! It will have an amazing results that will lasts up to 2 years. Microbladed eyebrows will eventually fade so annual touch up is recommended. Edson Gonzales, who is a certified artist and the owner of Eyebrowlab Academy who have years of experience with the technique execute a work of art technique. Although it is a frequently booked by most clients, microblading has limitations. Not all people are suitable for microblading, check our FAQ to see more informations and contraindications.

Appointment Procedure ( step by step )

  • Intake / briefing
  • Mapping / form shaping
  • Choosing correct colour
  • Numbing the skin
  • Microblading technique
  • Cleaning the eyebrows
  • Explaning the after care