Nanobrows Machine hair strokes

"Less is more"

The latest technique that also gives natural looking brows

1 by 1 strokes on eyebrows is seamlessly beautiful that gives the most naturalistic look. We all know that microblading has limitations, it is not for everybody, but Nano brows Machine strokes is the best alternative. This is one of the difficult technique but does an excellent results. Client will enjoy their beautiful brows from 1 up to 2 years.

Nano brows Machine strokes is a revolutionary technique that allow artist to make single strand of strokes that does not leave scarring on skin. While the other technique microblading cannot work on darker skin and oily skin, Nano brows machine strokes does. Nano brows is also recommended for overly matured skin and hyper-sensitive skin as this technique is very gentle that gives less trauma on the skin.

Appointment Procedure ( step by step )

  • Intake / briefing
  • Mapping / form shaping
  • Choosing correct colour
  • Numbing the skin
  • Microblading technique
  • Cleaning the eyebrows
  • Explaning the after care